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Give a 20-year guarantee on your flat roofs, boost your referrals, simplify material ordering and win more clients.


We provide high-tech flat roof systems:

  • Training & Certification - Become a hands-on expert in no time in our Ballybane workshop and guarantee your work for 20 years with a Cure It training certificate.

  • Materials Supplies - Order everything you need in one phone call.

  • Support - Help and advice are at hand for all your flat roof questions.

Traditional flat roof installation problems:

  • Order & pickup of materials from multiple stores is a hassle.

  • Can't guarantee materials quality.

  • Can't guarantee finished job.

  • No competitive edge in flat roofs.

  • Can lead to bad reviews.

  • Not great for referrals.

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Hi, I’m Tom, MD at GRP Roofing Supplies Connaught.

"I’ve been installing roofs for 20 years and I understand all of the
challenges that come with installing them. Especially here in the
West of Ireland. All of the things that mother nature throws at you
including rain, sunshine, sea air and bird droppings cause standard
bitumen roofs to crack and become porous. That's why roofs here
need special treatment."

"​I’ve found a solution that will help you to provide the best quality flat roofs for your customers."

You can now provide roofs that are:

  • High quality

  • Professional standard fit-out

  • Sun and water resistant

  • Come with a solid 20-year guarantee that you can stand over


At GRP Roofing Supplies Connaught, we provide a turnkey solution for flat roofing contractors in the West of Ireland using the high-quality Cure It system. This includes:


1. Training

Expert training at our Galway depot. Hands on training and advice.

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2. Supplies

All you will need for each job available via our Galway depot.

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3. Support

Call us for advice or to place an order for delivery or collection .


Got a Cure It Evo roof on my new extension. Very happy with the look and the service!


I got John to do a flat roof extension for me. He used the Cure It product, and it is unbelievably super! It is such a strong product, I was amazed... Il looks great too. So professional and nice to deal with also. It is a flat roof masterpiece!


Got a Cure It Evo roof on my new extension. Very happy with the look and the service!


Our flat roof system is installed in 5 stages

Screen Shot 2022-06-29 at 12.42.27.png

1- Installing the new deck

2- Fitting the GRP Trims

Screen Shot 2022-06-29 at 15.03.33.png
Screen Shot 2022-06-29 at 15.07.38.png

3- Detailing and Bandaging

4- Laminating

Screen Shot 2022-06-29 at 15.13.12.png
Screen Shot 2022-06-29 at 12.44.49.png

5- Topcoating

Your flat roof problems solved


1- Measure your area and call us.

2- Let us calculate your requirements and pack everything you need.

3- Collect from our Tuam Road store or we can deliver next day.

4- Install a high-quality flat roof guaranteed for 20 years.

Getting Started


Get trained


Get accredited


Do quality work 

guaranteed for 20 years

Enjoy a boost to your referrals!

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At GRP Roofing Supplies you are guaranteed

1.    Less hassle ordering
2.   Happier customers
3.   Support that gives you peace of mind

Stand over great work!

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